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Used to be, back in the old days, if you were a Goalkeeper, you had a Green jersey.  No questions asked.  You just had one.

Many reason why.   One reason?  Not many teams wore Green as a kit.  Second reason?  Theory is that if you were in Green, you blended in with the grass and were hard for shooters to see.  Camouflage  Third reason?  That's what GK wore.  Simple.  You just did.

Now, for 72 hours, we're offering the Reusch Golhero jersey for just $35.  (Regular price of $50).  The jersey comes in Green/Gray and Orange/Gray.  Special Reusch MMS for wicking sweat away and keeping you cool.  Style number is #37 11 300.

Sizes are limited, so be sure to grab one EARLY!!  Go to  to find them.

May the ground beneath your dive be soft.  May your Goalposts be 3 feet wide.  May the other team shoot everything right at your Green jersey.

All the Best--EV