Youth Goalkeeper

For beginners or little gals & guys under a size 7, Reusch offers both performance and value that won’t crush your mom’s wallet.

They look just like the Pros on TV, just “taken down” for little hands. Reusch also offers Finger Protection for kids!

The “Reusch USA GK Club” on Facebook is a great opportunity for parents to gain insights into goalkeeper training and product not available anywhere else in America! 


50 72 130 - Reusch Attrakt S1 Finger Support™ Junior

Now in the clean new White / Lime palm colorway!  Premium S1 ultrasoft palm foam is our best in terms of grip and cushioning.  Finger Support™ finger protection spines support fingers from injury due to hyperextension or being stepped on during play. 
Regular price $50.00

39 72 239 - Reusch FitControl S1 Evolution Junior S

Featuring premium S1 palm foam, the Evolution cut wraps the soft grip foam around the fingertips, increasing surface area and contact points at the fingertips. Duraguard abrasion patch helps aid in longevity of the product by protecting the wrist area from contacting the playing surface causing a...
Regular price $40.00

51 72 200 - Reusch Pure Contact Silver Junior

This model is equipped with the new Reusch Grip Silver latex.Thanks to its significantly increased volume and softness thisGerman-made latex guarantees outstanding impact absorption,good grip and reliable abrasion resistance. This ultralightgoalkeeper glove provides a second-skin fit and maximumf...
Regular price $50.00

51 72 700 - Reusch Pure Contact Infinity Junior

INFINITY GRIP™ This high-quality German made latex is theperfect combination of durability and grip for top performanceson artificial grass. This all new Reusch Grip Infinity latex offersvery good grip and most of all, and exceptionally high level ofabrasion resistance due to its high-density str...
Regular price $60.00

51 72 900 - Reusch Pure Contact Fusion Junior

FUSION FOAM Our newest German engineered and manufacturedFusion foam palm. The Fusion foam is sprinkled with hardground and soft ground foam for greater grip and durability.This ultralight goalkeeper glove provides a second-skin fit andmaximum flexibility.EVOLUTION NEGATIVE CUT ESS™ Negatively-st...
Regular price $85.00

39 72 204 - Reusch Freccia Junior S

Reusch's iconic Arrow design is combined with state-of-the-art glove technologies to offer best goalkeeping performances! The S1 Super Soft is one of softest Reusch palm foams, delivering very good results in terms of grip and cushioning as well as reliable abrasion resistance when used on natura...
Regular price $30.00

51 72 940 - Reusch Attrakt Fusion Finger Support™ Guardian Junior

r-Grip™ Fusion foam is our newest German engineered palm foam. Fusion foam is sprinkled in with hard-ground and soft-ground foam for greater grip and durability.  Finger Support™ The lighter version of our finger protection technology. These non-removable spines increase the stabilization of the ...
Regular price $110.00

50 21 700 - Reusch Match GK jersey

100% breathable polyester that is Reusch MMS™ (Moisture Management System) cool. This fabric helps wick away any moisture, keeping the player cooler, dryer, and more comfortable while playing. Sizing on this style is our slim fit. Padded elbows. Accent color on bottom of sleeves. Neck tape for ad...
Regular price $35.00

Reusch Pure Contact II S1 Junior - 39 72 200

  »» S1 SUPER SOFT is a high quality palm, delivering very good results in terms ofgrip and cushioning as well as reliable abrasion resistance.»» EVOLUTION NEGATIVE CUT ESS™ uses a pattern that helps the fingers to bepre-splayed.»» ASYMMETRICAL SLIP-ON CUFF™ with integrated strap and rubber ender...
Regular price $49.99

Reusch Fit Control SD - 39 70 515

»» SD SUPER DURABLE synthetic palm foam with reliable durability artificial and hard surfaces.»» LATEX FREE»» EXPANSE CUT Outer seams enlarge the palm surface of this flat cut and therefore increase the latex-to-ball contact area.»» BACKHAND PVC backhand.»» STANDARD WRIST STRAP full strap with te...
Regular price $19.97

Reusch Prisma SG Finger Support Junior - 38 72 810

PALM OF GLOVE: Our German made and engineered SG Soft Grip foam is a quality palm made of a natural and synthetic latex mixture.> BACKHAND OF GLOVE: Softer PVC back. Embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints. Full Strap Wrist Bandage closure. Textile gussets. CONST...
Regular price $40.00

Reusch Receptor RG Junior - 35 72 830S

Palm of glove: Our RG Resist Grip foam is made for the keeper that is playing on hard grounds or artificial surfaces. This structured surface has good abrasion and damping properties, as well as offering great durability. Backhand of glove: Soft EVA all over. Embossed foam design makes the glove ...
Regular price $16.97 $28.00

Reusch Receptor S1 Junior - 35 72 202S

Palm of glove: Our S1 Super Soft Grip foam is a high quality palm made of natural latex that is best suited for natural grass fields. Backhand of glove: Soft EVA all over. Embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints. The new Wider Latex Wrist Bandage gives the keeper a...
Regular price $20.97 $35.00

Reusch RE:CEPTOR RG Finger Support Junior - 35 72 832

PALM OF GLOVE: Our RG Grip foam is a quality palm made of a natural and synthetic latex mixture. This foam is good for artificial fields and indoor play. This smooth palm is denser than our SG foam, and therefore is longer lasting. BACKHAND OF GLOVE: Softer EVA backing. Embossed foam design makes...
Regular price $39.97