Pure Contact


52 72 900 - Pure Contact Fusion Junior

FUSION FOAM Our German engineered and manufactured Fusion foam palm. The Fusion foam is sprinkled with hard ground and soft ground foam for greater grip and durability. Thanks to the completely new Reusch Grip latex with Fusion technology the Pure Contact guarantees maximum grip in all weather co...
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53 70 015 - Pure Contact Gold X AdaptiveFlex

REUSCH GRIP GOLD X™ latex palm is our German engineered and manufactured, most tacky high-end match latex, including a special adhesive additive. ADAPTIVEFLEX™ CLOSURE SYSTEM Our new patent pending AdaptiveFlex™ technology provides a highly flexible and at the same time supportive and precise fit...
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5170200 S - Reusch Pure Contact r-Grip Silver

REUSCH GRIP SILVER This model is equipped with the new Reusch Grip SILVER latex. Thanks to its significantly increased volume and softness thisGerman-made latex guarantees outstanding impact absorption,good grip and reliable abrasion resistance. This very soft, highvolume latex offers great grip ...
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54 70 700 - Pure Contact Infinity

REUSCH GRIP INFINITY™ This high-quality latex is the perfect combination of durability and grip for top performances on artificial grass. This all-new Reusch Grip Infinity latex offers a very good grip and most of all, and exceptionally high level of abrasion resistance due to its high-density st...
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52 70 400 - Pure Contact Aqua

AX2 GRIP FOAM Our German engineered and manufactured AX2 HYDRO GRIP is our palm foam with the best grip in wet conditions of all time. Activated by warm water, the thermo granulates boost the grip properties in wet conditions to a new level. The Durabond™ Technology increases the abrasion resista...
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52 70 000 - Pure Contact Speedbump

Three-dimensional SPEEDBUMP FOAM spikes on the surface of this professional match latex increase the friction between the glove and the ball for maximum grip and control. By creating a 3D-structured palm foam, the geometrically placed SpeedBumps™ work as an additional barrier, raise the friction ...
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54 70 400 - Pure Contact Aqua

REUSCH AX2 HYDRO GRIP offers the best wet-conditions grip of all time. Activated by warm water, the thermo granulates boost the grip properties to a new level. THE DURABOND™ Technology increases the abrasion resistance due to special additives strengthening the structure of the latex mixture. EVO...
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54 70 915 - Pure Contact Gold X Glueprint Strapless

GLUEPRINT TECHNOLOGY The Attrakt GOLD X GLUEPRINT enhances the tackiness and grip in key palm zones through a special sticky print based on the Reusch Grip Gold X. The precise pattern of ink covers the areas of the palm that have the most contact with the ball when catching.ADAPTIVEFLEX™ CLOSURE ...
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