Reusch Fit Control Freegel S1 Junior HUGO LLORIS - 39 72 805

SG SOFT GRIP foam with reliable grip is especially suited for recreational keepers and comes with a soft and smooth surface for great goalkeeping perfomances 3D THUMB CROTCH™ offers rolled crotch construction eliminating open seams which tear more easily EVOLUTION NEGATIVE CUT ESS™ A negativ...
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Reusch Fit Control Freegel S1 - 39 70 205

  » S1 SUPER SOFT is a high quality palm, delivering very good results in terms of grip and cushioning as well as reliable abrasion resistance. » EVOLUTION NEGATIVE CUT ESS™ uses a pattern that helps the fingers to be pre-splayed. » STANDARD WRIST STRAP full strap with textile window and rubber ...
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Reusch Fit Control Freegel MX2 - 39 70 105

» MX2 MEGA GRIP™ Our newest German engineered and manufactured palm is composed of the finest, extremely soft natural latex. The MX2 MEGA GRIP guarantees professional grip properties in dry and wet conditions as well as very good durability for all goalkeepers looking for uncompromising quality ...
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