Professional Goalkeeper

These gloves are literally what over 220 reusch professional goalkeepers wear Worldwide, everyday!

These gloves are on the high end in proprietary technology, performance, protection and cost.

These reusch gloves are premium products not meant for beginners or the weekend warrior.

We offer huge savings to our “Reusch USA GK Club” Facebook group on older colours and styles! 


53 70 956 - Venomous Gold X

Be ready to fight against the strikers' ambitions with the Venomous! This glove is characterized by the Reusch Grip Gold X, based on the exclusive Reusch Grip Gold formula, where adhesive particles were added to the latex as well as a new design. But this is not all! This style comes with the ...
Regular price $120.00

52 70 970 - Attrakt Gold X GluePrint Ortho-Tec®

GLUEPRINT TECHNOLOGY and ORTHO-TEC® TECHNOLOGY - a unique combination! The Attrakt Gold X GluePrint Ortho-Tec is based on the Reusch Grip Gold X applying a special sticky print on the palm latex. The tackiness and grip get enhanced exactly in those zones where it is needed the most. The position...
Regular price $209.00

52 60 120 - Attrakt Freegel™ Gold Sleek Finger Support™

GRIP GOLD foam palm is a brand new premium foam that is engineered and made in Germany. This Reusch exclusive, unique latex formula offers great grip in both wet and dry conditions along with very good resistance.• SLEEK CUT with a narrower cut throughout the cut which will fit hands that are sle...
Regular price $120.00

5170200 S - Reusch Pure Contact r-Grip Silver

REUSCH GRIP SILVER This model is equipped with the new Reusch Grip SILVER latex. Thanks to its significantly increased volume and softness thisGerman-made latex guarantees outstanding impact absorption,good grip and reliable abrasion resistance. This very soft, highvolume latex offers great grip ...
Regular price $90.00

51 70 945 - Reusch Gold X

REUSCH GOLD GRIP X palm is our newest, most tacky high-endmatch latex, including a special adhesive additive. Based on theexclusive Reusch Grip Gold formula, adhesive particles are addedto the German-made latex composition. The result is a highlytacky, glue-like palm foam with unmatched grip prop...
Regular price $90.00

REUSCH Fit Control PRO - G3 Negative Cut - 39 70 956

» G3 ULTRASOFT FOAM German engineered and manufactured G2 Ultrasoft foam palm that is designed for dry or wet conditions.» NEGATIVE CUT This inner-seam construction is characterized by a tight fit, generating great tactility and outstanding ball control. » PROFLEX™ 4-way stretch technology allows...
Regular price $110.00