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Reusch® Goalkeeper Pants and Shorts.


39 18 700 - Reusch Match Padded Short

Our Reusch MMS™ Cool (Moisture Management System) is added to this 100% breathable polyester. This proprietary fabric helps wick away any moisture, keeping the player cooler and dryer and more comfortable when playing. Padded hips. Sizing on this is our regular fit.  
Regular price $30.00

Reusch Cotton Bowl Short - 17 22 001

Reusch padded goalkeeper short. CONTENT: 70% polyester, 30% cotton. The padding on the hips is sewn in to create a better fit for the keeper. Accent mesh inset on the side. COLOR: Black
Regular price $32.50

5016200 - Reusch Starter II Pant

We are the goalkeeper specialist. Knowing everything about the goalkeeper’s movements, techniques and requirements, we are as well perfectly aware that it’s not just the gloves, but rather the full equipment from head to toe, meaning professional goalkeeper apparel and protection that turn the go...
Regular price $39.00

868 - Reusch Alex Goalkeeper Pant

Reusch Alex padded goalkeeper pants. 100% polyester. Padded hips and knees, strap on foot. COLOR: Black
Regular price $45.00

19 90 868 - Reusch Alex Breezer Knicker

Reusch Goalkeeper 3/4 length Knicker Pant 100% Polyester knit. Padded hips and knees. Knicker length with open, loose bottom. COLOR: Black
Regular price $45.00