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Reusch USA: The Soccer Goalkeeper Specialists

Reusch is and always has been the worldwide leader in Soccer Goalkeeping.

If you're a know. 

We've been putting GKs of all levels in Reusch gear and gloves since the early 70s.  Through the years we have constantly worked on developing and bringing the latest technologies and innovations.  

In the past few years, Reusch has developed the best palm foams.  One of these innovations, the A2 and AX2 foam was developed specifically for match play in wet conditions. 

All latex foams work best in a slightly damp condition. 

When playing in a very rainy environment--the Aqua foam was superior in grip and non-abrasion tests.  The foam has an open pore makeup which absorbs more water than normal latex palms. 

The A2 foam enables the GK to hold shots in the wettest, rainiest conditions. 

AX2 foam is a revolutionary new foam that makes use of Hydrograins embedded in the foam which makes it extremely "grippy".  The Hydrograins are activated by warm water applied to the palms prior to use--see instructions on package.

You can find the A2 and AX2 foams on our Pure Contact series as well as our Ortho-Tec series of gloves. 

If you are a serious GK, and wish to be prepared for each and every playing condition that you might encounter, you need to have a variety of gloves in your match day bag. 

The A2 and the AX2 are palm foams that you should try. 

You can find them on our Reusch USA website, and you won't be disappointed.

May the ground beneath be soft.  May your goalposts be 3 feet wide.  And may the other team shoot everything right at you!

All the Best--EV