2017 Serathor Series


Reusch Serathor Pro G2 - 37 70 955

PALM OF GLOVE: Our novel manufacturing process creates foam with a pure grip and maximum ball control. The German made G2 Ultrasoft foam outranks its forerunner in terms of grip in dry and wet conditions. This new foam also improves the abrasion resistance; the addition of various components make...

37 70 958 - Reusch Serathor PRO G2 Evolution Ortho-Tec®

PALM OF GLOVE: Revolutionary hybrid of a roll finger cut and our Rolled Expanse Cut™. This cut offers the best of both worlds; the foam that is needed on a Surround Cut™ with the lightness and coolness of an Expanse Cut™. This gives the glove our new Evolution ESS Cut™, (Ergonomic Support System)...
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