Training Gear


Continental Large Cone - 801

4" high, 12" wide cone made of flexible PE material. CALL FOR PRICING ON 200+ UNITS
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Continental 9" Collapsible Cone - 803

Made of flexible PE material. Holes in side of cone make it collapse if stepped on. Color: orange.
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Banana Hurdles (12" #809) (6" #810)

Step, bound or run over them. They are great for training, rehab, or athletic development. Player can improve speed, power and agility. Set them up to teach obstacle avoidance. Sold individually. Available in 12" Steps or 6" Steps. Color: ORANGE

Multi-Height Hurdle - 816

This new training devise saves the coach from transporting 3 different sizes of hurdles. Opens up to be either a 6", 9" or 11.5" hurdle. Fold Flat for easy transport and storage. Sold individually
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Flat Fitness Rings, Set of 12 - 811

Set these rings up in any pattern, then have the player run, walk, hop or bound through them ring to ring to develop balance, flexibility, agility, quickness and coordination. Inexpensive way to have 3-4 groups working at the same time with functional drills. Rings are durable and flat to avoid p...
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ABC 20-Foot Ladder - 814 / ABC 30-Foot Ladder - 815

Teaches athletes important movement fundamentals of agility, balance and coordination. Plastic rungs are movable, lie flat and do not tangle. Ladder can be rolled up and stored to its own handle in seconds. Includes carry bag. 20 foot long and has 12 rungs.

Reusch Ultimate Knee Guard - 36 77 500

The Cadillac of knee protection! The high impact absorbing EVA foam is covered with a stretchable Kevlar® material for high abrasion resistance. The thick pad needs a special embossing tool to achieve the significant “heights” and “depths” of the EVA foam. Perfect for hard ground, artificial and ...
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