Soccer Balls


Reusch Viper Soccer Ball - 14 75 505

Recreational practice and match-play ball. Also suitable for soccer camps. 100% PU casing with Latex bladder makes for soft touch and resilience against cold weather. Features AM-3PV lining for added durability. 3 star QMS ball. SIZES: 4, 5. White/grey/black cosmetics
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Street Soccer Ball - 136

 • This 32 panel ball has a rubberized tire texture that is made for street or hard-ground conditions. The special lining on this ball is a polyester/cotton fabric that is attached during the production of the outer rubber material. • We use a special chemical in our printing inks which strengthe...
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Reusch Apex Soccer Ball - 14 75 502

Fantastic High School match ball also suitable for Collegiate match and practice play. NFHS approved. 1.6mm PU imported from Japan offers great touch and feel. Performs well above FIFA approved standards. Five Star QMS ball.
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Reusch FUTSAL-FSM Soccer Ball - 31 75 002

This Futsal match ball cover is made with a P.U. casing, backed with a non-woven material. The lining on this ball has a natural latex adhesive with an anti-fungal additive. The bladder is a 4 panel latex bladder. The new ‘Keon’ design is carried over from the new Reusch goalkeeper line SIZES: Of...
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39 75 000 - Reusch M-150 Soccer Ball

This 20 panel ball is made to FIFA Approved standards. The ball panels are THERMALLY BOUND which keeps water retention to a minimum. It also limits any expansion of the panels, which then helps maintain a true round shape. This P.U. cover is embossed with a matt finish for better aerodynamics. Th...
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