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Reusch Fit Control G3 Fusion Evolution Finger Support™ - 39 70 938

»» G3 FUSION FOAM Our newest German engineered and manufactured G3 Fusion foam palm. G3 Fusion foam is foam sprinkled with hard ground and soft ground foam for greater grip and durability. »» FINGER SUPPORT™ The lighter version of our finger protection technology.These non-removable stays increas...
Regular price $124.97

35 70 960 - Reusch RE:LOAD Supreme G2

PALM OF GLOVE: Our German made G2 Ultrasoft foam outranks its forerunner in terms of grip in dry and wet conditions. This foam also improves the abrasion resistance; the addition of various components makes this palm material noticeably stronger. Our Rolled Expanse Cut ESS™ (Ergonomic Support Sys...
Regular price $149.97 $150.00

Reusch Fit Control R3 - 39 70 735

»» R3 MEGA SOLID™ A German engineered and manufactured composition of latex with the addition of the Durabond™ Technology, the R3 MEGA SOLID represents our ultimate balance between being extremely durable while at the same time offering very good grip properties and cushioning. »» DURAGUARD™ Late...
Regular price $70.00

50 72 135 - Reusch Attrakt S1 Junior

Celebrate NATIONAL GOALKEEPER DAY on 11/11 with this exclusive new colorway!
Regular price $40.00